Timeless serenity. Classical elegance. The bathroom of the future, says Kohler, is one that is as tranquil and efficient today as it was five years ago. Put simply, it doesn’t date, it continues to welcome and refresh tired bodies and busy minds.

As one of the world’s leading bathroom design brands Kohler has released its edit on the prime pieces to create a sense of restful indulgence enhanced by the efficiency and convenience of new-age technology.

White on white is the look, softened by raw timber flooring and accessories – with a focus on soft lines and fluid curves. Its quintessential simplicity delivers a timeless sophistication.

Kohler's White on White bathroom

Kohler’s timeless White on White bathroom.

Key pieces include the Abrazo nautilus-inspired pure white bath in lithocast, a high end acrylic that looks like finely honed stone but is soft on the skin and retains the temperature of the water for longer periods. Chalice countertop basins mirror the curves of the Abrazo freestanding bath with semi-spherical shape and high sides. Again, this shape is reflected in the twin ceiling-mount RainCan Katalyst shower heads.

Kohler’s patented Katalyst technology reduces water consumption while increasing the sense of ‘deluge’ water delivery. These drenching, water-efficient showers – rated 3 star WELS – are produced by injecting two litres of air a minute into the water stream.

State-of-the-art technology is clearly evident in the Veil Intelligent Toilet suite – a wall hung self-cleaning appliance with advanced bidet features controlled by a one-touch remote control. The balanced curves and sculpted form project a sense of beauty – note the French curve heated seat and gently dished shape. These minimise pressure points and create extra comfort.

The remote control offers a suite of customised features to optimise hygiene and personal comfort – these include a choice of soft, pulsating or spiral wash with instant air-infused warm water; choice of water temperature; warm air dryer with adjustable temperature control; and seat temperature adjustment.

The Veil’s stainless steel spray wand automatically cleans itself with sterilised water after each use – and it automatically sanitises itself with UV light every 24 hours.

Further testament to the rich list of features are the automatic seat cover – sensor-activated with three adjustable distance settings to automatically open and close the lid – and the blue LED nightlight on the face plate of the toilet.

Kohler’s choice in tapware is a perfect fit with the overall ambience of the space – Aleo features beautifully simple lines that belie the technical prowess of this mixer. An internal cartridge, coupled with an aerator, creates excellent water efficiency, limiting flow to just six litres a minute, while the slender design of the handle ensures easy, accurate control of both flow and temperature. Aleo matching shower mixers complete the look.

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